Affiliate Program

Join our team and get rewarded by referring users to pinkOX! 

The easiest affiliate marketing program on the Earth!

As a pinkOX™ Affiliate Marketer, you will be rewarded for your efforts referring others to pinkOX™. The difference between other affiliate programs and ours is that you get to use the pinkOX™ platform and suite of products to do your marketing for free.

It’s simple:

  1. Register as a pinkOX™ affiliate for free
  2. Watch a short training video
  3. Start sharing “pink’d” videos through social media.

For every subscriber you refer to pinkOX™ you will receive 25% of the subscription fees paid by your referred user. If you are also a subscriber with pinkOX, you will receive 15% of the subscription fees paid by any pinkOX user that is referred by someone you referred.  It is a second level incentive that you earn when your referrals introduce others who become pinkOX™ users.