Have a question about pinkOX™? Check out our frequently asked questions, or contact us

Do you have any tutorial sessions on how to use pinkOX™?

pinkOX™ has multiple tutorial videos. In addition, we offer training sessions every Tuesday night with our technical expert!

Can a pink’d video be played on any device?

Our video enhancement tool can be used on any platform! All links will be clickable regardless of whether it is on a tablet, phone or computer!

What is the best way to report an error in the pinkOX™ platform?

There are two ways to go about reporting a problem; email info@pinkox.io or report it on our forum page! We strive to answer all emails within a 24 hour period. We recommend going to our forum first, someone might have experienced the same issue you may have!

Where do you recommend getting an advertising video made?

pinkOX™ has proudly partnered with VidCreator.co! VidCreator is an on demand video production company. They make it simple to create marketing and product videos.

Does pinkOX™ have a referral program?

pinkOX™ wants to reward those who help share our technology with the world! We do offer a referral program for those who get users signed up. Click here to learn more!

Can pinkOX “pink” a video for me as a customer?

pinkOX™ would gladly add a pink’d video for you to upload for a fair price! Please contact us at info@pinkox.io for more information.

Does pinkOX™ offer a free trial program and how long is it?

Yes, we do! The free trial allows you to use all the great benefits of the video enhancement tool for 30 days! Click here to get started now!

Having trouble logging in?

We’ve all been there! Click here and click “forgot password” to reset your password via your email!

How does pinkOX™ secure pink’d videos?

pinkOX™ uses Amazon’s cloud to store and protect all your advertising videos!