pinkOX™ For Influencers

Monetize your following by promoting any product that has an affiliate program through shoppable videos. 

pinkOX™ Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  • Instead of being paid a one-time fee to create a post, use the shoppable content link in your video to sell product to your followers and get paid every time someone buys.
  • Let your followers share and re-share your video to their communities and your shopping link will travel with the share so you still get credit for the sale.

Stand Out From The Crowd

  • Make videos that are unique for you and your audience
  • Customize your video creation by promoting your items with clickable video.
    • For example, “these are my favorite shoes, click on them if you want to buy them”.
  • Don’t lose potential buyers to a Google search. Include shoppable links in your videos directing viewers straight to an affiliate shopping cart.