pinkOX™ For Professionals

      Stand out from the crowd of online marketers in your field by adding direct call-to-action links in your videos.

Uniquely Engaging Marketing Videos For Professionals

Increase your video engagement and view time with interactivity.  Now you can create a unique video experience for your online viewers. pinkOX™ works great for anyone selling online.

Some examples of our professional users are: 

  • Create a unique video experience for your online viewers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Professionals
  • Local Service Providers

Add Call-To-Action Links Directly To Your Videos

Convert viewers into customers! Add links directly on to your videos to seize the moment. Create any CTA you can imagine:

  • “Click here to check out our website”
  • “See what our customers are saying”
  • “Sign-up for our newsletter “
  • “Book an appointment”
  • “See the listing”
  • “Buy now”

Consistently Fresh Content

Easily create new marketing videos with pinkOX™ to keep your messaging fresh and relevant.

  • Create content directly from your phone
  • Turn existing marketing videos into interactive and directly clickable videos.
  • Convert user-generated content into clickable marketing videos
  • Direct post your “pink’d” videos to your social media where it can be shared and reposted with your links intact.